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Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Nokia N8 in Indonesia

Objek Wisata - Around October to November, PT Nokia Indonesia is ready to launch the N8. Similar to the BlackBerry Torch, Nokia N8 also offers a qwerty keyboard and touch screen. According to the Legi Soegianto, Product Manager of Nokia, today prestige qwerty and touch screen is currently booming. "Every phone model has its own consumers, especially for qwerty and touch screen, favored by those who need the practicality," said Legi to KONTAN, Thursday (22 / 9).

Hotel di Singapura - Nokia X5 or N8 is a high-tech high-end mobile phone with a 12 mp. This camera also implement HDMI technology that allows video capture clearer. Consumers can also edit videos on your phone or connected with the PC. Applications Dolby speakers also made clear phone voice. N8 will be sold in the range of Rp 5 million per unit.

Although only drove around next month, but Legi ensure that customers can book online in advance. That said, the N8 is one of the mainstay models of Nokia. In the U.S. there, Nokia aggressively market the N8 with Pamela Anderson hook. On the phone, Pamela will play exciting short film scene with a stranger. "But for the Nokia N8 marketing in Indonesia, there will be no video, special was marketing in the U.S.." Advanced Legi.

During the year 2010, Nokia aims to launch 25 phone models. Intense competition to make the Nokia released two new models per month. Until now, Nokia has already released 15 new models. Some phones made by Nokia during 2010, among others, X5, X2, C1, C6, C3, D5, and D3. All new phones are targeting all segments, ranging from lower to upper middle segment. This is reflected in the price of Nokia phones that range from Rp 300,000 to Rp 5.6 million per unit.

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